Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cancun Recap

We are back! Brian and I were in Cancun last week on vacation, and we got back in last night at about 1 AM. It was so nice to be away on a beach and not have to cook, clean or work. That said, it's good to be back and I'm already looking forward to getting back in the kitchen.

We left bright and early on Monday morning to avoid the inauguration crowd that was already starting to swarm DC when we flew out at 6 AM.


We arrived at our hotel around noon, but had to wait a few hours to get into our room so we walked around and checked things out then had some lunch and drinks. We stayed at the Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe in Cancun's zona hotelera. Basically, on the same strip as all of the other resorts. 


It was so nice out- we were really hot in our jeans- and the resort was so pretty. Later in the week we discovered that we had the BEST beach. The resort was far back off of the water so that there was plenty of sand, and the hotel was more horizontal than vertical so there was a lot of beach front space. 

When we got into our room we were really pleased to see that we were on the second highest floor, and we had an end unit with great views.


We purchased the trip off of Living Social, and we were kind of worried we'd be treated as second-class because of it, but that was definitely not our experience. In addition to a great room, we also received two 50 minute massages and two perks we didn't even know about until we arrived- free WiFi (which we didn't use) and free gym access (which we did). 

There were several restaurants and bars to choose from… one of the fun bars was a rooftop bar that opened in the evenings. It was pretty quiet when we went up there, but that was fine with us!


Most days we spent at the beach. The weather was always a little breezy and it didn't really get hot until the last day. On Wednesday and Thursday there was quite a bit of rain, and the clouds were overcast, but we were pleasantly surprised that Friday and Saturday turned out to be gorgeous. 


We planned our travel so that we would have maximum beach time. We got to the beach early for our last day on Saturday, around 7:30 AM and stayed until 11 AM. Then we cleaned up, checked out and had another couple of hours to have lunch and drinks before we were driven to the airport.

I'm so glad that we decided to go… it was nice to get away especially when the weather was so cold here in DC. I think we both feel pretty recharged, although I think Monday morning will be a rude awakening regardless :(

More posts about a snorkeling day trip and a review of the food to come!

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