Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cancun Coma

[if you missed Cancun Recap #1, check it out here.]

A Cancun Coma is actually what I tried to avoid when we were in Mexico. I think there are a few varieties,

  1. Alcohol-induced coma
  2. Food-induced coma
  3. Sun-induced coma

Brian and I chose Cancun for the beach, not the food, so to be honest I didn't go into this vacation with the expectation that the food was going to be incredible. That said, the food was pretty good. 

I ended up liking the food at the main buffet most of all. 


There was an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. I avoided meat while we were there, but I had fish quite often. On this plate you can see some mixed vegetables, a few different types of veggie salads, fish, rice and onion rings. This was our second night and I think this was my favorite dinner.

We had breakfast at the buffet every morning except for one.


I found what I liked and stuck with it for the week! Oatmeal topped with raisins, granola and dried coconut, then cottage cheese with fresh fruit. I'm pretty sure the oatmeal was made with whole milk and it was amazinggg. The toppings bar was huge- tons of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, etc.

The fruit selection was plentiful and I tried two new tropical fruits that I really liked,


You probably recognize the pineapple and oranges, but the other two are guava and what I think is granada de moco (which translates to the delightful "pomegranate boogers"). They were both really good! The pomegranate boogers are in the back right and you scooped out the slimy, crunchy seeds and ate them. The guava seeds were actually really hard to eat and I kind of swallowed them whole. Not sure if that's bad? The fruit part tasted good!

Another highlight?


Drinks, of course! I wish I had taken a picture of the drink that I ordered 80% of the time- vodka lemonade, which is kind of a throwback drink for me. I forgot how good that is! The rest of the time I went with margs, which are always delicious. 

We drank a lot, probably several drinks every day, but I don't think I actually felt drunk until our last day when we sat at the bar inside before heading to the airport. Guess that's where the strong drinks were!

What was my favorite food from the trip? That would be the gelato.


Ah! It was so good! My favorite was one scoop of pecan and one scoop of chocolate.  I discovered that if you get two flavors you get a little more than than when you only asked for one, so it was always two flavors for me!

[note: Any time I write, I have to go back into my writing and delete unnecessary exclamation points that happen because I am overly excited about the subject. However, I have decided that every sentence on here describing ice cream rightfully deserves an exclamation point.]

All in all, we ate a lot! It's easy to do when there is unlimited free food. What I wanted to avoid, was that really gross lazy feeling I get when I eat and eat and eat and don't move. That's why I was SO glad to hear that we had free access to the gym with our Living Social deal. 

We were at the hotel Monday- Saturday and we ended up going to the gym on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday we were off the resort snorkeling and walking all day, which I think counts as some good activity.

It felt really good to get workouts in. Brian and I workout nearly every day and I think our bodies rely on those endorphins. Sometimes when I'm home and have work going on it can be stressful to fit in time to workout, so I appreciated being able to wake up, stroll to the gym, workout as long as I wanted, and not have to worry about all of the other things I have to do.

We enjoyed the food, we enjoyed the gym. All about balance :)


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