Monday, February 25, 2013

Farmers Market: Open Today!

Photo 7

Every Sunday I follow that arrow and head to the farmer's market to stock up.

There are several reasons for this… the first being that the market is 10x closer to my apartment than any grocery store and so its super convenient. Another is that I can often convince Brian to come with me and carry groceries! He's so strong :)

The quality of the food is also incredible. I like to support local farmers and I like to buy food when I know exactly where it's coming from. 

I always buy some basics, which right now include cider, eggs, apples and assorted veggies. I have a really interesting plan in mind for that cabbage. Those weird white veggies are parsnips- I have a plan for them too!


Today we also got some bacon!


I love that this bacon doesn't have a ton of disturbing ingredients! Just the basics. 

Greens are so readily available during the winter and I LOVE it!


I went a little crazy, anticipating summer when they switch up the options

On the left there's spinach, a salad blend, rainbow chard and kale (of course!). On the right is the lettuce that I seriously could not live without. I eat it for lunch every day. With tons of toppings, obviously, but the lettuce itself is incredible. Would you believe it is grown without dirt? The blend I like is called Loudoun (as in Loudoun, VA) Lettuce and it's from the Endless Summer Harvest stand at the market. 

We are really lucky that the market nearest to us is open year round. A lot of them are only open for a few months, April/ May- October. There are so many winter veggies- in addition to things like meat, eggs, cheese and prepared foods- that I can't understand why there aren't more markets open in the winter! It does get a little hard to count change when your fingers are frozen in the winter… but it's fairly mild down here in DC. It's February and today was in the 50s! Definitely a good market day.

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