Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Polyvore Fun and Running Fashions

I am kind of getting into Polyvore! It's really fun. Of course, most of the outfits I put together are things that I wish I wore, versus what I actually wear.

For example:

That is actually what I wore on my run today... Brian laughed when I came home and he saw me. I don't know... the large men's t-shirt kind of looked like a skirt... and running skirts are kind of trendy right now. ;) What do you wear on runs?
Related- I learned that Asics is retiring my running shoes!
So, that's disappointing.

I've been wearing the Foundations ever since I started really running, about six years ago.


While I may not invest in the most beautiful running clothes, I definitely make an investment in my feet. Before Brian and I started dating I just wore whatever shoes I thought looked cool. Then I found out I had TWO stress fractures- one in each leg. These shoes, combined with stretching, saved me!

I always order old versions of shoes online for a better price. Usually after the Foundation 10 came out for $110, I could find the Foundation 9s online for $70 or so. I am scouring the internet and will stock up on Foundation 10s! Eventually, the time will come when I have to move on to the new Asics and I'm sure they'll be fine too.

[Note to Asics: Just because I wear 'maximum support' running shoes does not mean I am an old lady. If you would like to make some shoes for me that looked like this, I would be pretty pumped.]

In other news, Brian and I ate dinner last night.

I made some fresh pasta, tossed it in olive oil and then topped it with some sauteed onion, garlic, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes and defrosted frozen shrimp.



We also watched a marathon of old Walking Dead episodes in preparation for the series return next week!


  1. Haha! My husband finds the outfits I put together to run entertaining too. I have to say I always look more coordinated when the laundry is first done but near the end it might be a blue skirt with a red race shirt if I'm lucky! I'll have to check out that site.
    Check with your local running store- They may have a comparable shoe for you. Just a thought :))

    1. That's a good idea- thanks for the tip! And I'm with you on the laundry thing. Probably doesn't help that I avoid doing laundry at all costs until the last day possible!