Sunday, February 10, 2013

Restaurant Week: Part I

This was one of my favorite weeks of the year. Restaurant Week in DC!

During Restaurant Week, participating restaurants offer a three course dinner menu for $35. It's a really good chance to try out a new restaurant that you might not otherwise go to, and we try to take full advantage.

This week we decided we were going to go to two restaurants and made the reservations weeks in advance so that we'd be sure to get in.

Our first choice was Farmers Fishers Bakers. We went to its sister restaurant, Founding Famers, last month for my birthday and really enjoyed it. The restaurant, originally named Farmers & Fishers, opened a few years back, but was flooded and closed for more than a year. It reopened at the end of last year, with an expanded concept (larger menu). The restaurant also happens to be right next to a new ice skating rink and I wanted to try that out!

We checked out the menu ahead of time, and were really pleased to see that they weren't being stingy for Restaurant Week. Basically, they offered a few options for the first course, nearly everything on the menu for the second course, and their full dessert menu for the third. 

When we arrived we were seated within five minutes, and REALLY liked the view from our table.


Overlooking the rink! We were amused by skaters while we ate. 

For our first course, Brian ordered off the sushi menu and got ahi tuna. I ordered the kale salad.


Brian was so-so on his choice. The weird, fluffy, white (rice?) chips were kind of strange. I was very happy with my kale salad. It was really thinly shredded kale with a vinaigrette dressing, pecorino cheese and dates. I really, REALLY liked it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't so impressed with my entree.


I ordered the fried seafood platter. I happen to really enjoy fried foods and was looking forward to the combo of fried fish, scallops and shrimp. Since I eat really healthy 90% of the time, I'm okay with indulging on occasion. This just didn't cut it though. It kind of tasted like fried seafood you'd buy at a concession stand. I don't mind indulging when something is incredibly delicious, but this isn't worth the splurge. 

On to dessert! A success. I couldn't tell you the last time I had a brownie sundae, so I decided to go for it.


(clearly I had a few bites before the photo was taken!)

I think its hard to go wrong with a brownie sundae. 

Overall, Brian and I felt like the restaurant was trying to take on a little too much. The menu is HUGE, with choices ranging from a full sushi bar, pizza, American classics and vegan options. I think if they had a smaller menu and strived to make those choices really special, that they'd would be more impressive. 

We finished up and headed over to the ice rink. Yes!

I used to take figure skating lessons all through elementary school. I'm sure my parents spent a ridiculous amount of money on those lessons and my skates. They should be happy to know that I can now adequately skate around in a circle without falling! 

I thought it was really fun and once I got used to the feeling of it, I was able to zip around pretty well. I may have skated a few laps around my date...



The rink wasn't crowded at all. The skates were pretty stinky, however. The blades were so dull that you couldn't really get a grip on the ice. 

They had these cute little penguins for kids,


I had never seen those before! It's a smart idea. 

All in all, it was a really pretty rink and I had a lot of fun. It's probably been 10 years since I last went skating, but I'm definitely going to have to make this happen more often!





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