Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wacky Weather

This has been a strange week for the District of Columbia. After going without a jacket for two days, I headed out for a run on Friday morning and discovered this,


It was also REALLY cold and windy, but to be honest I didn't notice it so much on my run as on the walk to work later. I got in a good five miles and then the snow disappeared quickly… I think we might have a chance for some tonight/ tomorrow.

The second half of the week was super busy and flew by. One of the highlights was meeting up with some former coworkers at Northside Social in Clarendon.

Photo 5

Yes, that is a nutella pop tart. I traded a bit of it for some of the chocolate peanut butter brownie you can see in the background. I may or may not have dropped my half of the brownie on the ground :( I also may or may not have picked it up and ate it anyway :)

Last night I got a little creative with another Super Bowl option. I didn't love the way these turned out, so I'll keep playing with the recipe. 


I made steamed dumplings using wonton wrappers (refrigerated section at the grocery store) with a side of edamame. I sautéed some chopped carrot, pepper, onion, zucchini and garlic with some chopped shrimp and used it to fill the wantons. Then just wet the edges of the wrappers and fold the corners together and seal before steaming for 10 minutes. Make sure the wrappers aren't touching each other in the steamer basket or you will have a mess.

I made a sauce for dipping out of hoisin, honey and apple cider vinegar (trying to avoid soy sauce). I really enjoyed working with the wonton wrappers. They were so easy! On to more creative fillings and dips… Brian has put in a request for crab rangoon.

Brian and I finished the series finale of 30 Rock last night (as per usual, I fell asleep on the couch watching it the night before). I'm sad to see the show end! I love Tina Fey. Brian likes to joke about the similarities between Liz Lemon and myself.

[Source: Mashable]

I can see it.

Breakfast this morning required venturing out to Bethesda Bagels to redeem a deal we had for a baker's dozen bagel and two tubs of cream cheese.


Not sure how we're going to work our way through 11 more bagels and two tubs of cream cheese… but considering I am the only one working on the cream cheese, I see a cream cheese recipe in my future. 

Next up, some comments on food/drinks/fitness from Mexico and then on to some Super Bowl prep!

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