Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I finally tried out my new food processor yesterday.

That's a basil, almond, garlic pesto and it came together SO quickly. This thing is a beast.
This is another Cooking Light recipe, but I promise it should be the last one for awhile! I'm sure your'e getting sick of these. Typically when I go through one of their magazines I glance through and think things look good, but I don't end up making any of it. I figure that since I get the magazine, I might as well make use of it and so I've been making an effort. Its been worth it, because some of the recipes are really good and are definitely going to be regulars.s
This was one of them.

It was a golden beet and pesto pasta. As you know, I love beets. Golden beets are especially fun because they don't stain your cuticles red and make you look like a murderer. They also don't turn your urine hot pink, but hey, they aren't perfect.

Another thing I love about beets (of both varieties) are the GREENS.

Beet greens are delicious. Do not throw them out. You can cook them like any other green (a little broth, salt and pepper) and they are super nutritious.

This dish was a winner, but again I'm perplexed by Cooking Light's portion sizes. Brian and I eat a lot, yes, but I doubled this recipe and we ate 2/3. The original recipe is intended for a family of four. I guess they just assume you have a side or two to go with it?

Then again, it depends on your eating style. I eat fairly light throughout the day and have my biggest meal for dinner. I guess most diet-guides say that you should do the opposite, but I don't like to eat before I run in the morning and sometimes I get hungry if I have a light dinner. Also, I really like dinner foods.

That said, I had some extra time on my hands this morning and decided to make some cinnamon raisin swirl french toast with the loaf I have hanging around. The bread didn't really rise as well as I would've liked, but it tastes good. Especially when dipped in egg and milk, pan-fried in coconut oil, and then covered in butter and maple syrup.

I think people are intimidated by the idea of eating unprocessed foods, but this (and 90% of the things I cook) is 100% unprocessed. Whole wheat bread, sweetened with honey, smothered in grass-fed, organic butter. Not a low-cal, everyday food, but a good special occasion food.

When I was younger my Grandma Kober made me delicious, doughy french toast all the time (yes, I was spoiled, but I turned out completely normal!). She gets all the credit for my french toast making abilities!


  1. I do not know what I would do without my food processor now that I have it. It is a MUST in the kitchen!!

    1. Agreed! I used to think my little 4 cup mini chopper was the same thing, and now I understand what I was missing out on.