Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

We continued our low-key weekend yesterday with a pretty relaxed St. Patrick's Day. I got in my trips to the market, the grocery store, and Brian joined me for a quick run and before we headed out to a party in the early evening. There was a ton of food, but easily the most memorable item was homemade bread pudding… the event was actually catered, but this was made by the hostess and apparently it was so popular they had to send out for more eggs mid-party so she could make more! I had three servings before I cut myself off.

After the party we stopped in an Irish bar for one drink before heading home. Brian really wanted a Guinness.

Image 4 copy

As always, I took a taste and felt like I was being poisoned. I was just really thirsty, and already had some wine at the party so I opted for this fun drink.

Image 3 copy

Hmm… h20 or vodka on the rocks???

This morning we have enjoyed our second snowfall of the year. There are about 10 snowflakes coming down, so obviously this is a newsworthy event and everyone is all abuzz.

I am more abuzz about my lunch for today.

Image 2 copy

So excited for leftover corned beef! (I also have a container of boiled cabbage packed… obviously I am incredible cool and popular in the office.)

In other packed lunch news, I have been having a really difficult time finding pumpkin at this point in the year, which might mean its time to move on to fruity oatmeal.

Image 1 copy

In addition to oats, chia seeds and shredded unsweetened coconut, I added the requisite ripe banana and a handful of frozen blueberries.

And I'm off to walk in the 'snow' to work!

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