Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thank You Weekend Prep

Last night, we ended our streak of Cooking Light dinners with something that was much more like what we normally eat.

Shrimp, corn and cheese quesadillas with rice and beans

I always keep a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer and I just sautéed it with a little Old Bay seasoning before chopping it up and throwing it in. Over the weekend I had made  huge batch of brown rice to keep on hand, so used half for this and the rest is in the freezer. I also made a giant batch of refried beans over the weekend and kept some of the beans 'un-mushed' so we could have rice and beans. Weekend prep made this meal possible!

It was perfect. Short on veggies, but since I usually have a giant salad for lunch I'm not too worried about going one dinner without any.

I was running around a bit yesterday, so I made sure to have some snacks with me in case I got hungry. I picked up a new bar at Whole Foods the other day- they had samples and coupons for buy one, get one free.

Image 6 copy
Kit's Organic. I just looked them up online and am surprised to see they are made by Clif Bar! Normally the only kind of bars I eat are Lara Bars because they were the only bars I knew of made with unprocessed ingredients and sweetened with real fruit (dates). When I read the ingredient list for the Kit's bars at the store, I noticed they are really similar.

Image 5 copy
Yesterday I had Berry Almond and I also tried the Chocolate Almond Coconut in the store. Both tasted really great. I would say that compared to Lara Bars they're actually a little less dense, and more crunchy- that's being pretty nit-picky though. I would use them interchangeably and I'm so excited to see a mainstream company like Clif Bar make this kind of product. I don't like to eat bars all that often and they're kind of pricey, but it's so great to have more options!

What's your favorite bar to keep on hand? 


  1. Those Kit's bars are awesome, and their ingredients list is even better!! I really like the Berry Almond flavor and the Cashew flavor!

    1. Ohh, my WF doesn't have cashew, but it looks good on the website. Have you tried the cashew larabar? I see that a lot and have heard good things, maybe they are similar!