Thursday, March 28, 2013

Super Taster

Last night I met up with some of my former coworkers out in Arlington for happy hour and we headed to Sushi Rock, a place that we frequented a lot when we all worked nearby.


I always enjoy going here because I love veggie sushi. Sushi is way more healthy than a lot of other happy hour foods like wings, sliders or nachos. Last night, I ordered the Roasted Vegetable Sushi Roll.

It was really good- it was stuffed with avocado and asparagus, then there were some other thinly sliced vegetables on top (zucchini and peppers) and a sweet onion relish. I only wish I had remembered to order it with brown rice. I feel like brown rice makes it a little more 'hearty' tasting, as well as more filling.

I ALWAYS avoid the wasabi and ginger on the side of my sushi plates. In fact, I can't stand if it even touches my sushi a little bit. Weird? The flavors are just way too strong for me. Especially wasabi, it has zero flavor to me, I just feel the burn! So weird because many people like it and I imagine that means it tastes different to them than it does to me.

In addition to all spicy foods, carbonated beverages are completely repulsive to me! People think I'm being obnoxious when I tell them I don't drink soda, but it's not because I exercise any sort of restraint- carbonation is painful!

After some research, I've come to the conclusion that I am probably somewhat of a 'super taster.' Two of the characteristics are that capsaicin burn (the irritant in chili peppers) is more intense for super tasters, and carbonation is unappealing.

It's really kind of a bummer. When I'm at a baseball game, or it's St. Patrick's Day, or on about 1,000 other occasions it would be nice to be able to enjoy a beer! Instead I have to be prissy and drink a glass of wine.

How about you? Are you a super taster? Are there any foods you think you experience differently than others do?

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