Thursday, March 14, 2013

Took a Tumble

I had another dinner for one this week. I decided to make something that wouldn't really interest Brian for dinner, and after thinking about what I had on hand I came up with a tofu sandwich. Doesn't that sound yummy :)

It really is. If you can handle the texture of tofu, it's amazing because you can make it taste like whatever you want. I pressed and dried the tofu between some photo albums and dishtowels before spraying it with Bragg's Liquid Aminos and pan-frying it in a little olive oil. I prepped my bread with Dijon mustard, a handful of spinach, half of an avocado and cheese before adding the tofu and pressing into a panini on my Cuisinart Griddler. Homemade fries with ketchup on the side.



(I ate double the amount of fries pictured!)

This morning I went on my usual run- still in the dark- and fell down a hill! I never fall, although I trip about 2,000 times per run, it's very unusual for me to go all the way down. When I hit the ground my first thought was, "Oh wow, I actually FELL!" Thought 2, "My elbow hurts."

I have a gorgeous bump happening on my arm, but other than that no real damage. It's funny because when I got home and saw the bump I was super concerned, and then I remembered when I was eight I did something like this every day and never thought twice about it. Us grown ups are babies.


I mixed this circuit into my 6 mile run. After 4.5 miles, I had a good place to stop and complete the first (pink) half of the circuit, then I did the second (green) half at home.

Here are some links for the less familiar exercises,
This was the first time I've tried single-leg deadlifts. I completed them without any weight today and learned that it takes a LOT of balance. I think I'll work on getting my balance down before adding any weight. [My flexibility was also tested when I did these on my left leg. Probably need to stretch about 100x more.] I loved it because it works your hamstrings and glutes- specficially the back of your thighs right below your butt, aka Cellulite Central.


  1. LOVE tofu! That sandwich looks amazing, especially with the addition of the avocado. I could totally go for some of those fries, too! ;)

    1. It's funny because this was partially inspired by your tempeh burritos... I wanted a melty sandwich almost went with grilled cheese, but then I thought of tempeh as a filling. I didn't have any so I went with tofu, but it was the same idea!