Monday, April 29, 2013


This weekend FLEW by. We were lucky to have really nice weather- DC has been a little funny lately, last week was ridiculously cold for the end of April. Saturday and Sunday were in the 70s though.

Starting off, we went out to dinner on Friday night to a nearby Greek restaurant that we've been meaning to try for awhile now. Mourayou in Dupont gets rave reviews from The Washington Post's food critic Tom Sietsema. We went on Open Table at about 6:30 PM to see where we could get in, and they had an opening at 7:15 PM so we just kind of ended up there. It ended up being a good choice!
We started off with an eggplant spread and sautéed shrimp.

I love eggplant so that was a winner for me. It was cool and creamy and a good start. The shrimp was pretty good, I liked the sauce… it kind of tasted like pepperoni, and that was an interesting surprise.

Brian and I both ordered of the daily specials menu for our entrees. I had grilled calamari over fava beans.

It was delicious- I thought the calamari was well cooked, and the beans had an awesome smoky flavor.

We decided to head somewhere else for dessert. We were close to the most amazing place ever, and that's pretty hard to pass up.

Dolcezza is my favorite! It's a gelato and sorbet place which is perfect for Brian and I because I could subsist solely on ice cream, and he cannot eat it. The flavors are incredible. Brian had a Pineapple Honey Lime sorbet and I had a combo of Salted Caramel and Madagascar Vanilla. The flavors always rotate so we've tried some great flavors over the past few years. Two of my top choices are Chocolate Hazelnut gelato and Grapefruit Campari sorbet. Yum. Normally I get all of one flavor, but I loved the salted caramel and vanilla combo- the caramel was pretty salty, and it was nice to have something super sweet to contrast. I could eat this stuff every day. It cost almost $12 for two 2-scoop bowls though, so I don't. So sad. I need to get to work recreating this in my ice cream maker.

The rest of the weekend was full- a volunteer activity at the DC Public Library with the Junior League of Washington and an engagement party on Saturday, then groceries, laundry and a nine mile run in perfect weather on Sunday. A delicious farmers market breakfast too.

Sweet potato hash with eggs (sweet potatoes, red bell pepper, onion, ramps, garlic, and spinach).

We actually watched a really funny movie Sunday morning- The Five Year Engagement. Neither of us had really high hopes for the movie, but I thought it was kind of hilarious. During the credits at the end we saw that it was a Judd Apatow movie which made sense. Really funny, with some really heavy/ depressing parts too. Brian actually thought it was pretty decent too, so if you're looking for a date movie I recommend it!

You may notice that I did not mention the White House Correspondents dinner. Apparently they forgot to invite us this year! We live close enough to the hotel to see people coming and going- no celeb spottings though :(

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