Monday, April 22, 2013

I've Been Waiting 2.5 Years For This Day

2.5 years ago, Brian and I moved to Dupont Circle and got rid of his car. I honestly love being car-free and walking everywhere, but if you were to ask me (as many of you have) if there's a downside, I would say it is grocery shopping. Yes, we do have a grocery cart and I can walk anywhere between half a mile and a mile to the grocery store and its not completely awful. But, its a little awful sometimes when I'm really tired, or its really cold, or I have to buy milk. Milk is so heavy.

I try to do most of our shopping at the farmers' market, which helps a lot, and the rest of the time I either make a trip to either Trader Joe's or Whole Foods with the shopping car, or I'll stop at one of those places on my way home from work.

When we moved in, everyone would talk about the 'Secret Safeway' that had been close by not too long ago and how great it was to pick up a few things in the neighborhood. I was beyond jealous and so sad that we didn't have that option.

Well, yesterday my life changed.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Glen's Garden Market.

Glen's is kind of like a farmer's market in a store. All of the food is local, with the exception of a very few items kept on one row of shelves. They have lots of local beer and wine and a prepared foods section. When we got home from New York yesterday we went for a quick run and then immediately headed over. I was SO excited.

 We ended up purchasing a few things for dinner and for the rest of the week.

MILK!!! Beer for Brian :) Sausages and some bread. We also picked up some vegan (which means no cheese for Brian!) ravioli to have for dinner.

And, my new favorite food:

Oh my goodness that salsa was incredible. I don't normally love chips and salsa, but I LOVE this stuff. It was so tangy-delicious and fresh tasting. I could eat it with a spoon. In fact, it's bound to happen soon. I can't get enough!

Dinner was also super delicious. I sautéed some garlic and pine nuts (Brian's favorite combo) in olive oil and added some kale, then tossed in the ravioli.

Mmm. The ravioli was incredibly flavorful, and the dough held together really well, which was my concern. We will definitely buy this again. They also had a spinach and artichoke ravioli that looked good.

And, obviously, we were celebrating a special occasion for the day so we got dessert.

We had a chocolate cake type thing and a seven layer bar. The cake was incredible. The frosting was so good. The seven layer bar was also delicious, but I was pretty full so I took a bite and decided to save the rest for tomorrow night.

I can honestly say that Glen's opening is going to bring change to my life. As you know, buying local is really important to me. I love that I recognize the names of the farms the meat and dairy products come from. I love that when I'm tired and don't feel like going a mile out of  my way to another grocery store, I will be able to buy milk and something for dinner. The prices are definitely higher than a typical grocery store and its not going to eliminate my Trader Joe's trips or my weekly trips to the farmer's market, but I think I'll purchase all of my milk from there and then some select special items. I currently have my eye on their peanut butter grinder :)

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