Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jelly and Swamp Water

After dashing off to work yesterday at 6 AM, I was able to head home just before lunch. This was exciting news to me and I came home and crashed!

Except, first I ate. I'm an eat then sleep kind of girl. It's all about priorities.

What do you think I made, using these ingredients?
An egg sandwich! Yes, with jelly. I've seen this before on a few other blogs. Today, my biggest concern was using up the remaining cheese I had from the market before it went bad, but I only had cinnamon raisin bread (also on its last leg) for the bread. When I looked in the (extremely sparse) fridge, I saw that my jar of jelly was about to expire as well.

And so, that happened! Somehow I managed to fit all of the these on there :)

Things got a little messy.

That's fine with me. I just ate it with a fork.

After lunch, I crashed hard and took a nap for a few hours. It was in the 80s yesterday in DC, so I woke up extremely hot and laid around with a glass of ice water for another hour before doing anything productive.

I ended up walking over to Trader Joe's and picking up some basics. I'm still obsessed with citrus. I guess because summer fruits aren't really out yet. TJ's has these bags of mandarins that are sooo delicious. They also have a good price on a bag of small sized grapefruit.

(The grapefruit are not actually green… seems to be a camera thing).

On my walk, I spotted this!

According to the National Park Service, the cherry blossom blooms peaked today!

When it got a bit later, I headed out for a run. Normally I try to avoid running at the end of the day. This is primarily because I get really tired and unmotivated. In the summer, the air quality is better in the morning so that's another reason, but also- BUGS. Yuck. I'm lucky to hardly ever get bit- and I don't think mosquitos are out just yet- but there are some bugs that just fly right into my mouth. So gross. Despite inhaling a bug, I managed to run six miles in the gorgeous weather.

I wasn't super hungry tonight (filled up on bugs, apparently), so I made a sandwich for dinner. Eggplant, spinach and tomatoes with a little whole grain mustard and mayo.

Then, knowing that tomorrow is going to be 90F, I prepped some cool beverages for my morning.

Iced coffee.

And, swamp water.


The swamp water is actually a mix of coconut water (1.5 cups), grapefruit juice (.5 cups fresh-squeezed!), chia seeds (1.5 tbsp) and honey (1 tsp). I saw the recipe on Angela's blog awhile back and have been saving it for a hot run. She used just a little lime juice and maple syrup, but I used a good amount of grapefruit juice and swapped in the honey since I'm not vegan.


I was nervous about trying this after my (bug free!) run this morning. But, I'm happily sipping it now!  I don't love coconut water, but it's so hydrating and good for you that I want to find ways to work it in post-run. I think the grapefruit juice combo is a winner. The chia seeds do get slimy- remember what it was like when you were pasting them on a clay animal?- but I kind of enjoy them.

Off to get ready for work- hopefully I can find some summer clothes from last year!

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