Sunday, April 21, 2013

Must Love Animals

When we arrived in New York on Friday we grabbed a quick lunch. I ordered a wrap with shrimp, brie and red peppers. I kind of through it would be a warm wrap, but it wasn't. I'm not a huge fan of cold shrimp, but I ate most of it (and all of the fries). 


We took the train up to Bedford and Brian's mom picked us up and we headed to the farm where their horse, Tech, lives. Bedford is really gorgeous, with tons of land and lots of farms. 


Brian fed Tech about 1,000 treats and they became fast friends.



Tech loooved him.


Me? Not so much. I don't think he enjoyed the camera. Brian got hugs, I got this face:


There is another love in Tech's life. Tech is a gigantic horse. His best friend is a tiny pony.


Love is blind.


Personally, I've always been a little partial to dapple gray's. This guy was super friendly. He just wanted some love! Tech wasn't really into the sharing, unfortunately, so he didn't hang around for long.





The rest of the weekend was just nice and laid back. Brian's parents have a gorgeous new house, with a great yard that backs up onto a small lake.


His parents dogs, Jake and Grace were so happy to see us. Especially when we had mozzarella sticks. 


They look a little intimidating, but these dogs are serious babies. Especially Jake with his stuffed animals. He carries them around with him EVERYWHERE.



We had such a nice weekend. Lots of nice animals (and people!), good food and good times. And, then it got cold- 30 degrees in April? No thanks!- so we headed south. Right now we are on a lovely bus back to DC about to eat some Chipotle. I think the trick to traveling is to choose the bus that picks us up right in Dupont on the way to NY, and picks us up right in front of a Chipotle on our way back to DC. 

It also helps not to have someone who snores loudly the entire way. We lost that battle. 

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