Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rise and Shine

This week has been one of those weeks. I'm busy at work and have been staying late, have a bunch of volunteer things going on and three evening commitments on top of that.

Obviously, the other night I had to be a little flexible on my meal planning for the week, and we ended up getting Chipotle. Last night I was actually able to get things together and make the dinner I had planned on.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos using up our leftover tortillas. It's a pretty quick meal to throw together and I have a ton of leftovers, which is nice.

After dinner I decided to spend some time getting organized. I always feel like if I have a good start to the day, it helps set the tone, but sometimes I really find myself scrambling to get myself together and out the door.

Prepping the night before helps.

  1. Put together oats, coconut and chia seeds. Just need to slice in the banana and add milk and pumpkin in the morning.
  2. Leftover taco filling from last night for lunch.
  3. Set up my coffee. This is like an above and beyond step for me! Bonus points.
  4. Vera Bradley lunch box ready to go!
  5. Frozen mango with Greek yogurt is my new favorite. I love that the mango is cut into bite-sized chunks- why do frozen peaches have to be in huge slices? My current yogurt is actually from the farmer's market. It's plain, but SO good that I don't need to add any honey.
6. Sliced grapefruit. I'm on a big citrus kick.
7. Homemade trail mix- peanuts, raisins, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. I buy everything at Trader Joe's (great prices) and mix it together. I keep a bunch in a Mason jar in the pantry so its ready to go.
8. Put my watch and road ID on the table in my bedroom.
9. I even got out my running clothes!!! It's not super fun to search through my drawers with a flashlight in the morning (so I don't wake Brian). Why don't I do this more often? It honestly happens about once a month...
I'm a morning person, but that doesn't mean it's easy to get out of my warm bed and out in 36F weather (yes, it was in the thirties today!). One of my friends once told me that when she heard I run in the morning, she just assumed I jump out of bed as soon as my alarm goes of and am happy and ready to go.
That is false! Brian thinks I look like a zombie when I wake up. I'm all off-balance and grouchy. Post-run I feel MUCH better. Actually, I think it probably happens mid-run :)
So how much did all this prep work help? Well, it was extra hard to get up this morning just because I'm so tired, which meant I was moving slower than normal so I think it helped a lot to not have to worry about putting all of this together. 

6 AM: Wake up
6:30 AM: Out the door, running
7:30 AM: Stretch/ blog combo
8 AM: Shower
8:40 AM: On my way to work!
What's your morning routine like? Do you get ready the night before?

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