Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sleep, Eat, Repeat

Just a quick check-in!

This has been an amazing weekend. The weather has been incredible, we've had some good meals and I've taken lots of naps. That's all it takes to keep me happy! Sunshine, food and sleep.

Yesterday, I had a Junior League meeting in Georgetown in the morning, then Brian met up with me and we headed to the waterfront to meet up with some of his family. One of his cousins rows on the Georgetown crew team and they had a race. Perfect day for it!

Almost a week ago I was at the Kennedy Center enjoying the view from the other side of the water!

After the race, we hung out with everyone a bit before heading back to our neighborhood. On the way, we saw turtles!

We thought they were fake at first, but then one blinked and they moved a bit. I had a pet turtle that my parents rescued off a golf course when I was younger, and she looked JUST like these guys.

We stopped for lunch at Scion on the way home and sat outside on the patio. Fried pickles to start. Mmm.

Portobella, mushroom and pesto panini with homemade chips on the side.

It was good and those chips were addicting. So much fried food! Whoops. We totally filled up. Then we saw Zeke's Donuts, which we've been meaning to try, so we bought two to split.

They were super doughy and I didn't love the flavors. I don't think I'll go back. Kind of disappointing.

Then slept for a really long time. When I woke up from my nap, there were only a couple of hours before we had reservations for dinner and I was still stuffed. I got in a six mile run to try and work up an appetite. It helped.

We headed to Nage for dinner. We first went to Nage for New Year's Eve with another couple a few years back and thought the food was really impressive. When a deal came up on Living Social, we decided to buy it and go back for dinner. We also had a $20 Open Table check that took us years to earn (you get points for every online reservation you make, and when you have a lot of them- several years worth!- they send you a check for $20) so it ended up being a good deal. I love a bargain!

We started off with drinks, usually I always drink wine, but I decided to go with a cocktail. It was a mistake! It had Maker's Mark, but I thought the flavor would be toned down by the mixers and fruit. It was STRONG. My bad. I moved on to a nice Pinot Gris later in the meal.

I had the warm vegetable salad with brie to start. It was delicious.

Unfortunately, Brian's salad was not so good. He ordered an asparagus salad special and it was plain lettuce with a few spears of asparagus and hardly any dressing. Big let down. Maybe bigger than the doughnut letdown.

I went with a light entree- trout and green beans (or as they called them, haricot verts).

Yum! It was a good choice. The lemon glaze and smoked almonds were amazing. Brian had the goat cheese gnocchi which, thankfully, was really good as well.

Dessert was a chocolate bomb with hazelnut ice cream.

Wooo this was good. This is actually a picture of Brian's dessert because I accidentally dug into mine the second it was in front of me.

All in all, it was a good dinner. Brian's asparagus salad was really disappointing, but other than that we were really happy.

Today is off to a good start and we have some fun outdoor plans for later so I am off to enjoy the day.

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  1. Kim- I think that IS your turtlle! Deedee traveled a long way!