Friday, April 5, 2013

The KimK 5K

Dinner last night was quick and easy- (frozen) roasted Brussels sprouts and snap peas with magical tomatoes and pasta, side of roast asparagus. All tossed in olive oil and salt and topped with tons of parmesan.

Food and running are my two favorite topics. We've covered the food, so lets move on to the running…

After running (/walking/crying) the Marine Corps Marathon last fall, I made the decision to focus on 5k races for this year. I ended up having an injury in December, taking January really easy, and just haven't been able to really focus on speed training. Still, I feel like I'm in pretty decent shape- I've been running between 35 and 40 miles each week for awhile now- and I was excited to run the Crystal City 5k today.

A local running store holds 5k races every Friday evening in the month of April (Crystal City 5k Fridays), but I've never ran any of them. This year I planned to change that!

Then life got in the way. As I said yesterday, I've had a really busy week at work. Next week is a big event and I've been doing a lot to get ready, which means I've worked late every night. I held off on registering for the race because I wanted to see if I would be able to. Yesterday I decided that I don't want to be stressed out about getting to a 6:30 PM race. It just wouldn't be enjoyable- either at work or the race.

In case you couldn't guess, I am bummed. I'm still going to go out to Virginia after work to watch Brian run, but I won't make it in time to run myself. It's not all bad. Before I ran races I really enjoyed seeing Brian at the finish line and having the chance to cheer for him, so I do look forward to that!

I decided to come up with an alternative and this morning I ran my own 5k. Last night, I mapped out the course on Google maps (I don't own a Garmin) and ran the course this morning.
Obviously, its completely unofficial and I'm not sure how reliable Google maps can be, but I was pretty happy with how it went.

My finish time was 23:16.

I think that's pretty decent! When I mapped out the course, I designed it to be there and back at 1.6 miles each way. That means if it was 100% accurate I'm a TINY bit over a traditional 5k course. Assuming this is a real 5k distance, my pace would be 7:29 mi/min:

Screen Shot 2013 04 05 at 7 53 51 AM png
I'm happy with that! I haven't done much as far as speed work outs go, so I think that's a pretty decent place to start the season. I have a goal in mind for where I'd like to be at the end of the season, so we'll see if I get there by the fall.

Things I missed about running a real 5k: mile markers and people cheering for you at the finish. Also, other people at the finish- I'm really competitive and like to sprint past other people on that last stretch. It was a little harder to motivate myself on the final stretch this morning. Mile markers are nice because you can check your pace- today I was only able to capture my halfway point (my pace was consistent). I also thought about how Brian is always yelling my name and cheering for me at the finish line- fans are fun!

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