Friday, April 19, 2013

Twinkle Toes

Remember my plan to go to the Nordstrom Rack opening yesterday morning? That was a complete bust. There were hundreds of people lined up outside the store- in the rain- and they weren't letting anyone in until 9!!!

The first woman was in line at 5:30 AM. That is insane. They would need to be giving out a lot more than a few $100 gift cards for me to stand in line in the rain. (See here for more about the crazies)

Needless to say, I was at work a little early yesterday. I decided to take my lunch break and head to Banana Republic to cheer myself up. It was buy three items and get 45% off. Woo! I still had some money on a gift card from Christmas so it was especially exciting. I purchased two cardigans and a pair of navy crop pants. Cardigans are a necessity for summer in DC- its 90 degrees and insanely humid when I walk to work, and then my air-conditioned office is about 55 degrees. The solution is to walk to work in a tank top and put on a cardigan in the elevator ride up.

Obviously I was all cheered up!

After work, I thought about getting Chipotle for dinner, but ended up going with sandwiches at home.

I was really hungry… one sandwich was plain old cheese, lettuce and mustard.

Sandwich two had some added buffalo sausage.

I wanted to use up my lettuce and the rest of the buffalo sausage before Brian and I head out for the weekend. We didn't really have any leftover veggies hanging around, so clearly this meal was lacking in that way (I had a salad for lunch though) which is why I thought two sandwiches would be a good idea. I ended up being too full for dessert though!

Dinner was so quick because I had some big plans for the evening.

My first pedicure of the season! It was so long overdue. My last pedicure was before we went to Cancun in January and I hadn't touched my toes since. Luckily they are looking good now :) I went with a very neutral pink for the spring, but I'll probably go with something brighter when it gets hot out.

I love how my nails look when I get manicures and I'm always so tempted to do it, but I honestly can't sit there for so long without being able to use my hands! Anyone else? Also, as soon as I get up from the chair I start doing things and immediately smudge half of my nails no matter how careful I imagine I am being. Plus, I cook a lot and it destroys my nails. And thirdly and most importantly, I would not have been able to make cookies tonight if I had just had a manicure.

Yep, I made some redemption cookies after those cookie- imitators that I had earlier in the week.
These are Dreena Burton's Super Charge Me Cookies.

I made a few changes: omitted the dried fruit, used about 1/3 cup dark chocolate chunks, used peanut butter and coconut oil. Also, I just add all of the dry ingredients, then pile the wet ingredients on top and mix. Then comes the most important step in vegan baking.

Eat cookie dough without abandon because it does not contain eggs.


The recipe made 19 cookies for me (and I probably ate one or two in cookie dough form). They don't really spread so feel free to pack them on the baking sheet.

I was only able to eat ONE cookie because I was still so full from dinner. I'm not sure I've ever only had one cookie before.

This morning I packed them up to bring with us to Brian's parents house. We are on our way!

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