Sunday, April 7, 2013

Work It

Friday after work I headed out to Virginia to see Brian run the Crystal City 5k Friday Race.



It was actually a packed race. It was a little disappointing not to be running, but I definitely made the right call because I made it just before the race started. 


Brian's nursing a hip injury, so he wasn't feeling his best, but I was still super impressed (as always) with his top 10 finish.


After the race, I actually had to drop off some meeting materials at a nearby conference, and then we headed out for dinner and drinks with some of Brian's coworkers who also ran the race and we had a good time.

We got back around 12 midnight and Larry's Ice Cream was just about to close as we passed by. Luckily, they were still willing to take cash orders if you knew what you wanted and made a quick order.


(a daytime pic from the archives!)

Obviously, not a problem for me. Oatmeal Cookie- cinnamon ice cream with oatmeal cookie dough and chocolate chunks. 


Delicious. Sadly though, those two scoops were $6. Its not all bad though, because if it were cheap I would be eating this every day.

Then I ended up going into work for the afternoon. Not super fun, but it was a nice day for a walk.


Of course, I was home in time for the Syracuse game. We picked up Thai for dinner. I had Pad See Ew with tofu. It wasn't great tonight and this was one of the rare events that I did not clean my plate (styrofoam tray?).


I'm going to be at a conference today through Tuesday, which means terrible hotel food. I didn't have time todays to run to the grocery store and pick up snacks, so I'm going to have to rely on my back-up stash of granola bars. Hopefully, I won't starve!

I was up early for a run and went by a lot of people heading over to the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. Looked fun- maybe next year!

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