Monday, May 13, 2013

Jail Break

I left my apartment this weekend and it was NOT to go to a hospital or doctor's office! Jail break!

I also did some baking :)

I guess I should back up a bit and discuss the status of my left lung. On Friday, I did go see a surgeon and I expected that he would either say, 'You're cured!', or, "You need surgery!" Neither of those things happened. He said, "I think you are really close to being healed, but not yet. Let's give it until Monday." So, I spent the weekend in limbo.

Today, I head back for another check up. This time, I'm not even going to predict what will happen because I have been wrong about everything so far. Low expectations!

That said, I felt pretty good this weekend. Oddly, I noticed that my chest tube stopped reacting to my breathing AT the doctor's office. The morning before my appointment, the tube was still reacting to my breathing (which indicates that air was still leaking out of my lung), so I think the timing of the improvement was pretty miraculous. I was sore on Friday because the doctor did some adjusting, but I woke up on Saturday feeling good.

Saturday night, Brian and I went out to dinner!!!

I can only wear one top… a zip-up hoodie that is baggy enough to hide my chest tube. That meant we were going somewhere semi-casual.

Mandu is a Korean restaurant that we've both heard great things about. We actually went once before when we first moved to Dupont, but it was for brunch.

I started with a mango sojutini… similar to a martini.

Then we shared some veggie mandu… fried dumplings.

And, for the entree, we both went with Dolsat Bibim Bap. It's a bowl of rice and vegetables topped with an egg. Brian had short ribs on his and I had tofu.

It was good, but I think next time I'm going to get something else- you're supposed to add hot sauce for flavor, but I can't do spicy, so mine was a little bland. Also, it was served in a HOT stone bowl. Everyone had recommended it, but it was SO HOT. I would get the regular bowl if I ordered this again. It was a ton of food- I'm going to have a nice lunch later today!

As for the baking, I made this beautiful looking dish for brunch Sunday,

It was like a baked pancake, and I loved it, but it needs a little tweaking before I post the recipe.

Now I am off to the doctor's once more! No expectations...

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