Friday, May 10, 2013

NoBull Burgers

When I went to Glen's earlier this week to pick up dinner items, Brian and I talked about what he wanted to make ahead of time. Ravioli and burgers.

Well, they didn't have any ground beef. They did have- veggie burgers!

I was pretty excited about this. Brian was less excited, but he's always open to bring something new. I love veggie burgers. I remember when I was younger I tried one at camp because I was still hungry after my hot dog and there were only veggie burgers left, but I thought it was so good. I remember rice and mushrooms in that one.

Since then, I haven't loved a lot of other veggie burgers that you can buy in a store. I am not at all interested in imitation meat. If I want something to taste like meat, I'm going to eat meat. Instead, I like my veggie burgers to be completely different- they should taste like vegetables! I still like rice burgers, and I've made some bean based burgers too (kind of like falafel). This is on my to-do list now for when I am able to cook again!

I bought NoBull Burgers, which I've read about on a bunch of other blogs and have heard good things. They are local and organic with a lentil and barley base. Also noticeable are the carrots, spinach and onion. They have spelt too, so while they are wheat-free, they're not gluten-free. The combination of veggies and some herbs was really incredible. And this is coming from someone who once made a lentil loaf and did not eat it- letting food go to waste is pretty much unheard of for me, so I was a little wary of a lentil base.

Brian made the burgers with a side of kale.

I bought the buns we used at Glen's too, and they were a bit bread, so I'm not sure I'll buy them again. I ended up only using one bun and two burgers.

What was the final verdict? I loved them and Brian didn't (he still ate two, so even he thought they were way better than the lentil loaf). I didn't love the price, so chances are I'll just make my own veggie burgers for the most part, but I do like having another option.

Today is a big day- I'm heading to see a thoracic surgeon who will check on the hole in my lung. If its fixed, I am free to go, and if not, he will probably schedule a surgery to go in and fix it. Let's hope for a happy Friday!


  1. Oh Kim! I was reading your past few posts. I feel your pain- it stinks to have something wrong with you and be in complete limbo over it. I hope your lung is recovering and you don't have to have the surgery.
    At least our hubbies can make pretty good food!
    Rest up. I've found it's very hard to be patient with stuff like this. Good luck...

    1. Thanks Julie- you would certainly understand :) I hope your recovery is going well!