Thursday, May 16, 2013

Takeout Makes Life Easy

Just a quick post this morning because I have a seriously busy day ahead. I scheduled one of my follow-up doctor's appointments for this morning before work and then after work Brian and I are having dinner with his parents- they're driving up from Charleston and stopping in DC on the way.

In case you couldn't tell, Brian and I have been eating out a whole bunch lately! We have had a lot going on and sometimes it just happens. I do want to make it a priority to stock up on some more staples to keep around for these busy days, and maybe make a few extra meals to keep in the freezer. For now though, I'm not doing any serious cooking or baking because I'm focusing on my recovery and getting back into my routine.

We are so lucky to have tons of healthy and high quality food options for take out in DC. My mom recently sent me this New York Times article, appropriately titled, Giving Fast Food a Good Name in Washington DC. The article features a few of our 'fast food' options- The Union Market, DGS, ShopHouse and Sweetgreen. I actually have not yet been to The Union Market (it's fairly new) or DGS (I don't really eat deli meats), but ShopHouse and Sweetgreen are regulars for us.

One thing I love about where we live now is that we never order anything for delivery. All of the places we would want to order from are within walking distance! So convenient.

ShopHouse is actually owned by the same company as Chipotle, and its the same style of dining, but with an Asian concept. You walk through a line and they pile up your bowl with things like rice, noodles, meat and veggies. Sadly, every single option is way too spicy for my taste, but Brian loves it.

Many times, Brian will get ShopHouse and I'll grab a Sweetgreen salad from right next door. Sweetgreen is similar to any other salad takeout concepts, but the ingredients are all local and I can tell the difference. Their food is just incredible. I'm pretty picky about salads and this is the only place I'll grab a takeout salad.

Last night, I tried something new at Sweetgreen. I usual get the chic p (falafel) salad, but last night I tried The Earth Bowl, which includes grains, arugula, tomatoes, fresh corn, cheddar and seeds. I swapped spicy broccoli for sweet potatoes and chicken for tofu. Dressed with a pesto vinaigrette. It was really good, but I wish I had asked for 'medium' dressing instead of 'light' for a little more flavor.

What are your favorite takeout options?

My absolute favorite is a veggie burrito bowl from Chipotle :) Other faves include:

  • avocado, cucumber or asparagus sushi
  • veggie assortment from a local kabob restaurant (cauliflower, chickpeas and eggplant please!)
  • falafel (Greek)
  • pad see ew (Thai)

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