Friday, May 17, 2013

Trying to Relax

It has been just over two weeks now since my lung collapsed and I'm feeling significantly better. I have a little pain when I take deep breaths, the location where the inserted my chest tube is still healing, and I'm a little more tired than usual. Compared to where I was two weeks ago, or even a week ago, I'm pretty happy with where I am at right now.

The healing process continues. I am doing my best to eat tons of veggies and nutritious foods that will help my body continue to heal, and I am trying to relax and rest (which for me, is way harder than eating vegetables).

Relax and rest includes not running all over the place to various grocery stores for the best deal, and relying on other people to cook for me.

For example, on Wednesday night I had a meeting that ran late so we got take out. I didn't make my lunch for the next day, and then when I woke up on Thursday I had an early doctor's appointment. I opted for a few minutes of extra sleep, and bought my lunch out yesterday. I packed a banana and a PB&J Larabar for breakfast on the go, then grabbed some tacos at the Farmer's Market by the White House for lunch.

Photo 4
They were from a new vendor at this market, Chaya. The market actually opened at the beginning of the month, it runs May- October, but this was the first time I was able to make it for the year. I was excited to see some more lunch options.
They offered three tacos, and I got one of each- Asparagus and Potato with Creamy Ramp, Mushrooms and Feta, and Garlic Kale with Sheep's Cheese. I thought the flavors were really fantastic and I loved the corn tortillas. My only complaint was that it wasn't quite filling enough for a lunch- maybe the addition of some beans would have helped. Luckily, I had a container of trail mix at my desk that I enjoyed as a side.

Thankfully, my favorite vendor was back this year. I don't know what I would do if I had to go without my favorite Lemon Drop cookies from Praline. They are so good. So good.

I picked up an assortment for dessert- and grabbed a pint of Champagne Mango sorbet from Dolcezza on my way home.

Yum. We made a pretty good sized dent in both.

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