Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho

When I went back to the surgeon yesterday, he decided it was finally time to remove my chest tube! It was a great way to start the day. It was actually more painful than I had anticipated, but also quicker. I was expecting less, but more lasting, pain.

I plan to do a more detailed post about the whole process of recovering from a spontaneous pneumothorax, to pick up where I left off. I really feel like there was a lack of information out there on the topic. Only 1.2 to 6 per 100,000 women each year experience a collapsed lung, so it isn't very common, but as one of those 1.2- 6 women, I would have appreciated a little more info. Stay tuned!

Right now, I am focused on moving forward and today I head back to work! That might not sound to exciting to you, but I've really been bored. It's been 13 days since I've been out and about.

Today, my doctor said no exercise for a few weeks. That was really surprising. I guess I had expected something more like one week? I'm kind of bummed. That said, I am 100% motivated to do everything to fully recover, so I won't be cheating at all.

Not running is a big change in my lifestyle. So far, I've already noticed that my body needs less sleep and less food. Both of those things make sense, so I'm not necessarily surprised, but it is an adjustment.

Weight gain isn't my top concern right now (that would be my lungs), it's more about the fact that my body doesn't need as much fuel for right now.

  1. Less oil, more fun. Normally, I am pretty liberal with my use of healthy oils like olive and coconut. I need to reign that in a little, and I have a fun new toy to help. (below!)
  2. Less cheese, more (new-to-me) veggies. I love cheese, especially on my lunch salads, but I do plan to reduce my intake for the time being. I'm not interested in deprivation, so I'm planning on adding some healthy additions to my salads instead. (below!)
  3. Less processed sugar, more fruit sugar. I try to avoid processed sugars all of the time, and I genuinely think that sugar in any amount is really unhealthy. This is why I don't buy bread, salad dressing or cereal at the grocery store- that stuff is loaded. I do enjoy desserts though (hey, if I am going to be eating sugar, I want to be tasting sugar!). No plans to eliminate dessert, just replace it with healthier options like my Chocolate Frosty.

What are some of these fun things I mentioned?

First off, I bought a Misto!


I have wanted one of these things for awhile. You can add your own oil and spray it like Pam. It helps to reduce your use of oil while cooking or roasting. Why not just use Pam? Because the ingredients are:

Canola Oil*, Lecithin from Soybeans, Phosphated Mono-and Diglycerides, Dimethyl Silicone (for Anti-Foaming), Rosemary Extract (Preservative), Propellant.

Gross. I'll just take olive oil, thanks. I tested this out last night on some fish and it worked really well.

Also, some fun salad toppers like mung bean sprouts.

And, beets:


I love that these beets are already prepped, no roasting and peeling required. The package was $2.99, which isn't too much more than buying fresh beets, but you don't get the greens.

And now, (heigh-ho, heigh-ho) it's off to work I go.

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