Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Making My Comeback

It's been awhile. I just needed a break!

It happens. Especially when you are really exhausted coming back from a lung collapse. Work was really overwhelming and, as I mentioned, I wanted to focus on being relaxed. It helped a lot just taking one thing off of the to-do list, but I was still taking pictures of a lot of my meals and had the blog on my brain.

What did you miss?

Some seriously delicious breakfasts.

Good stuff.

That last pancake picture? Pumpkin pancakes with dark chocolate chunks. That was the last of those chunks and I wish I had remembered to grab some more at Whole Foods last night.

Seriously though, it's okay because I've got this guy at home.

Don't worry, the recipe is coming up soon!

That blueberry crumble is kind of celebratory. Celebrating my return to running! That's right, I went for a run yesterday. It was only one mile (Brian's orders), but it was a good start. I wanted to go two, but Brian said one and I went with it- half because I trust him and half because if something did happen I would not want to hear an I-told-you-so.

I took a full month off from running. My last real run was 5 miles on April 29. I didn't work out at all, which is something that probably hasn't happened since before I was in college. Notable side effects included: low appetite, lethargy and insomnia. I was tired AND I couldn't sleep. No energy during the day, but I would stay up until 11 PM (late for this girl), force myself to sleep and then wake up at 4 AM ready to go. Awful! That's enough proof for me about how important exercise is.

In addition to my one mile run yesterday, I did my favorite ab circuit.

SO HARD. It was so hard. My body lost a lot over the past month and I'm looking forward to getting back in shape! On the agenda for today is an exciting two mile run and a lower body workout.

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  1. You now officially have me in the mood for some breakfast for dinner! ;)