Thursday, June 13, 2013

Packing & Moving

Early this morning I took off for a work conference that will last through the weekend. I’m not cleared by my doctor to fly… so I’ll be traveling six hours via Greyhound. Based on what I’ve heard, I’m not expecting it to be a great experience, but who knows? I’ll be sure to report back. Luckily, by the time I’ll be returning home I will have cleared the one month mark and can fly!

Packing is always my least favorite thing to do. I hate packing. I hate unpacking. I’m a list person though, so that does help to make this slightly less painful. What makes the list?


  • My Vera Bradley suitcase. Love this suitcase! I received it as a high school graduation gift. It’s the maximum carry-on size, so I can fit more than the average person. It’s also super easy to spot and I’ve never seen anyone else with one like it!
  • Spare contacts. I can’t even imagine how awful life would be if I had a contact tear or something while I was away. It is seriously my number one priority and I never go anywhere without spares. I think something happened one time and I only had one contact for awhile so now I’m scared.
  • Tylenol. I would never pay $5 for two pills in a hotel gift shop, so I need to be prepared - Snacks. I don’t go anywhere without some good snacks. You’ll have to come back tomorrow for that post!
  • Running shoes. Part of my no-excuses workout philosophy includes working out while traveling or on vacation. Running shoes and workout clothes are required!

I honestly have no idea what to expect as far as workouts. The hotel I’m going to has a gym, but it’s not really open during the hours that I’ll be able to work out (5 AM!). They also have a map with some recommended running courses, but I don’t know if that’s something I’ll want to try- I’ll most likely decide when I get there. I’m planning on looking for some body weight workouts that I could do in my room. Julie always has some great workouts, so I went on her blog for inspiration. I’m looking at these options:

Wish me luck!

What are some other good on-the-go workouts?


  1. “Packing is always my least favorite thing to do” - For sure we've all been there, and admittedly, packing and encasing your items isn't really fun to do. You're already worried about the travel itself, add to that is you're worries about things you must take with you and making sure they are all good condition during the shipment. Listing and labeling will help though. Particularly on big move where you have to case all you most valued items and furniture.

    -Renea @

  2. A lot of people complain about that job too! But if what you are going to pack is your personal stuff, certainly, you don't want to pass that job to others. Either way, you can always ask help from the people who you can trust. After the packing, for your convenience, you can always contact movers to help you carry, load and transfer your belongings to your destination. Hope that everything went well!

    Luise Pagett @Freight Transport Association

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