Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainbows and Strawberries

I focused on enjoying my last June weekend in DC! We kicked off the weekend with a traditional summer dinner.

I picked up a package of short rib hot dogs from Glen's Garden Market last week. They were pretty delicious- I think they tasted less salty and more meaty than the average dog. The packaging did not contain any ingredient information (they were house-made at Glen's) so I really am not sure if they contain nitrates or not. Hopefully not!

On Saturday morning I took an inventory of our breakfast options- we had plenty of eggs, two slices of bacon and an onion. I decided to try a cornbread quiche.

In addition to the cornbread and the egg, I added our two pieces of bacon, half an onion, about a cup of frozen spinach and some cheese. Unfortunately the cornbread that I used is pretty dry (we've had it before), but other than that I really liked this. Brian's not much of a baked egg dish kind of guy, but he did eat it!

After that, I headed off to a Junior League leadership event for a few hours and then came home for an episode of Mad Men.

Brian and I recently subscribed to Netflix and started Mad Men. I've been wanting to watch it for awhile so I'm enjoying that. I've also started Downton Abbey! Only two episodes in on that one though.

Saturday afternoon was the Pride Parade in DC! The parade is a huge event in the city and it goes through our neighborhood, so even though we obviously aren't gay, its still fun to go.

I thought it was really nice to see so many area churches turn out for the event.
Even the Mormon church and the National Cathedral!

I liked these signs a lot, too:

We had a lot of fun; it's just a good time with a lot of happy people. Some of the floats tossed out candy and beaded necklaces. I had Skittles for the first time in forever :)

The rest of the weekend was more low-key. Takeout on Saturday night, my last trip (for awhile) to the farmer's market on Sunday morning and a trip out to Virginia with a friend to visit another friend and her sweet new baby.

I thought I was being super clever on Sunday night by making some chocolate covered strawberries with some of the delicious berries we picked up at the market. I put them in the freezer. What was I thinking? This was even before I started drinking wine.

Not really edible.

I tossed them in the blender with a banana and some milk.

Much better.

And, its the start of a new week! I'll be spending the first half of the week preparing for travel the second half of the week, so it should be pretty busy!

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