Friday, June 14, 2013

Snacks of Choice

I kind of think conferences are the worst. You are at them for days on end and have little freedom over your food choices. It’s like Kim-hell. (I might be slightly exaggerating)

To counter this, I’ve packed up a few snacks that I think can withstand the travel and satiate me in the event that I’m surrounded by sugar-laden pastries and mystery meat. I count on fruit to be available, and usually that’s the case. Veggies are a little harder to come by, but they’re also a challenge for packing so I’m kind of out of luck with that.

I stopped by both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods to prepare for this adventure, and here’s what I’m taking with me. For some reason, as much as I hate packing clothes, I enjoy packing snacks! Love snacks.


Larabars. So good and good for you! These are small and extra-portable so I can carry one or two with me at all times.


Dried mangoes. Delicious and portable. One of the few fruits that it’s fairly easy to find at a good price, without added sugars.
Ends & Pieces. This is a new find. Trader Joe’s makes fruit leather that is unsweetened fruit pulp and they sell it in strips. This bag of odds’n’ends is full of all the random pieces that don’t make the original cut. This bag was only about $2.50!
Wasa Whole Grain Crackers. These contain whole grain rye flour, water, yeast and salt. Perfect whole wheat, real food option.
Justin’s Honey Almond Butter. These mini almond butter packets are great because they are so portable. To be honest, I was hoping to find just plain peanut butter packets, but my Whole Foods didn’t have any. These contain almonds, honey powder (sugar, honey), palm fruit oil and salt. Obviously, not the best, but still I’ve heard good things and they’re a decent option for my Wasa crackers or a banana.
Almonds. Plain raw almonds. Easiest snack.
Am I crazy for packing so much? Maybe so, but four days is a long time to go with a processed diet when your body isn’t used to it. I think these supplies will help take care of breakfast and snacks, which are usually sugary pastries and cookies. I’m hoping to scout out some veggie trays at receptions and salads for my free meals.
What are your favorite travel snacks?

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