Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Society of the Cincinnati

June is shaping up to be a pretty crazy month. I have a ton going on right now at work and for the Junior League, but its also summer and so I have fun plans on the agenda too!

I've only been running two miles a day, plus bodyweight strength workouts, but I can definitely say that the workouts + June craziness have definitely solved the whole insomnia issue! Running is hard! Even two miles. It's kind of discouraging, but I think that things will come together eventually.

I mentioned fun June things… well last weekend was the Dupont-Kalorama Museum Walk Weekend, which meant free admission to all of the museums near me! DC has a ton of museums and galleries aside from the Smithsonians and this event was designed to help promote them! Brian was actually the one who found out about the event and I am so glad!

We headed out and stopped by the Phillips Collection which really has impressive pieces, including a painting by my very favorite artist, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (pronounced, Eng). I admire his work so much- I think that he was the most technically talented artist in history and I could look at his works for hours. I can remember seeing his works in art books when I was much younger and being so excited to study him in college. Yay for art history!

But, we don't have hours here so I'll move on to the main event.

Have you ever heard of the Society of the Cincinnati? I've walked by the building in Dupont about a thousand times, but I've never really known what it was or what was inside the building.

Oh my goodness, I was missing out.

This place is a gem. If you live in DC, you should plan your visit immediately.

The house I'm talking about is known as the Anderson House. It was built in 1905 by diplomat Larz Anderson and his wife, Isabel.

What is the Society of the Cincinnati? According to their website, the Society was formed at the close of the American War for Independence (Revolutionary War) and "is dedicated to preserving the memory of the patriotic sacrifices that made American History a reality."

I'm all for preserving history so this is my kind of place.

Check out how gorgeous the interior is.

And, here's some good news: free admission, Tuesday- Saturday from 1- 4 PM. We will absolutely be going back!

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