Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Things We Do

I live in a city. I live the city life- no car, small closets, and high prices. But, it wasn't always this way.

Nope, once upon a time I lived in Upstate New York and did things like swim in a lake, walk around outside barefoot and go fishing.

These days, I don't swim in the Potomac (which would result in near a certain death from some type of pathogenic microorganism), walk barefoot on the sidewalk (hepatitis, anyone?) or fish.

Well, not until last weekend.


Gone fishin'

My parents and my brother took Brian and I out to a friend's property with a pond to re-live the glory days. We used to fish up in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River, but this pond was a much shorter drive.


We all caught a few fish. As far as quantity, I think Brian won that one, but my mom reeled in the biggest fish of the day.

It should be noted that I caught a fish that was likely bigger, but we weren't really prepared for something so large and when the fish tangled himself up weeds my line snapped :(

Still had a good time! I was so covered in worm and fish guts by the end of the day. So much so that I may have to retire that shirt from NCA Collegiate Cheer Nationals.

Just so you know, we weren't really into eating pond bass, so we tossed all of our fish back into the water and ate cookout leftovers for dinner.

After dinner, Brian and I took a drive to Abbott's.

IMG 0900 copy

If you live in Rochester, you know Abbott's. They sell frozen custard and it is beyond delicious. So rich and creamy. I had a chocolate cone with chocolate sprinkles, but it was melty and disappeared way before I could get out my camera.

Brian had a good time making friends, too.

Photo 13

And, that was that! The next day we were up for that early flight home. It's always nice to go home and see everyone. As of right now, I'm not sure when I'll be going back for another visit, but I hope to make one happen before Thanksgiving. 

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