Friday, July 19, 2013

Lunching Out

Jury duty continues!

Sadly, I don't have that lovely 10 AM start time today, so I'm going to head out soon. Hopefully, we'll get out a little early to get the weekend started!

Yesterday, I almost went back to Protein Bar for lunch. It is SO hot out that I just didn't want to walk. The Yelp app came to my rescue again though and I saw a place called Merzi that was described as an Indian chipotle. Sounds like my kind of place.

They offer rice bowls and rolls made on naan bread. I opted for a vegetarian rice bowl and it came with chick peas, veggies and some sauces. 


It was REALLY good. I'm not an Indian food expert, and I opted for all mild sauces which is probably not authentic, but I would absolutely go back. 

Merzi also happened to be next to Pitango Gelato, so then this happened.


It is really hot out! Stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate chips) is delicious and this was gone so fast. It was really good, but I don't think the gelato was as good as the gelato at Dolcezza. It just wasn't quite as rich. 

When we got out for the day I headed out for some food and drinks with a friend.


Love $5 margaritas at happy hour!

Happy Friday :)

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