Monday, October 7, 2013

Down South!

Right now, Brian and I are in beautiful South Carolina! We took an early flight down to Charleston yesterday to spend the week on nearby Kiawah Island. Brian's parents own a condo on the island and let us come to stay. We've been to Kiawah two other times and we love it. It's so quiet and really close to Charleston so we can drive in and go to some amazing Southern restaurants for dinner.

We got off the plane yesterday and headed into Charleston for lunch and to visit with Brian's sister before coming out to the island.

Palm trees! It was HOT.

We walked around the market area for awhile looking at local artists' works.

Lunch at Magnolia's! We came here on our first trip to Charleston and loved it, so we decided to make it our lunch stop on Sunday. We ordered some fried green tomatoes to start and inhaled a crusty basket of bread that came with an amazing sour cream butter. Then I devoured this plate of fried chicken.


After lunch and a bit of walking around we headed back to Kiawah for a low-key night. We got some beach time in before the sun went down and went to the grocery store to stock up on a couple of dinners, some breakfast and lunch foods. Then it was time to relax with this,

And this,

Brian won by a landslide. The easiest question I had was, "How often do brain cells regenerate?" I guessed every 5 minutes, but in case you're wondering, the answer is never! We are guessing this game was from the 1950s, so some of the questions are funny and you just have to guess based on that time period as to what the answer might be.

Right now it's a little rainy, but coffee on the porch on a Monday sounds great to me so that's where I am headed!

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