Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kiawah Island: Day 1

Yesterday, Brian informed me that I wrote two posts about the same day. Whoops! I forgot about that post that I wrote on my phone really early one morning (the morning below!). Luckily, if you are reading this you are probably my mom or Brian and won't let that mistake stop you! So, anyway…

Our first full day of vacation started off with an easy breakfast.


Followed by a walk to check out some more wildlife. Lots of birds!




Oh, and some lovely spiders.


They don't kill spiders (even these MONSTERS) because they kill bugs. Gag.

We were really looking for alligators. I guess because we're both from New York, where there aren't a lot of alligators. Most everyone else didn't care about the alligators like we did!


None on this walk, so it was time for the beach and lunch.



A storm was coming in and so we headed in before going back out for another alligator hunt.




We also checked out one of the towers on the island. It's such a great place to explore and be outside. As a city-dweller, I really enjoyed it. The island was pretty empty because it was mid-week during the off season so we really had the paths and towers to ourselves for the most part. 



Gorgeous views.



The whole ride was awesome.



Then, it was time for dinner at Husk in Charleston. It's about a 45 minute drive from Kiawah to Charleston, but so worth it for the incredible, amazing, wonderful food. 


The restaurant was really cute with a farm-to-table focus, so you could see where everything came of which is always fun. I think it was nothing north of Virginia and nothing west of Texas.

I started off with some pimento cheese.


It was amazing, but SUPER rich. Brian and I split appetizers… but, his wasn't much lighter.


Fried chicken skins. Good heavens. 

We managed to work our way through to the mains. I had catfish and grits.


This was really good, but I wasn't a huge fan of the pickled vegetables on top. Luckily, there was a ton of food so I just didn't eat them! Grits are fun. Kind of like polenta? 

Brian's main won. Hands down. Chunks of pork shoulder packed around pork belly.


I had one bite- again, really heavy and rich, but one of the best things we ate all week!

Dessert went undocumented, but it was like a custard/ pecan pie combo. Such a winner.

We both enjoyed this restaurant a lot. It wasn't exactly casual, but the atmosphere was fun and our waiter was great. They have a full menu of bourbon, so if you're into that this would probably be a great place to go!

We left happy and full. I fell asleep in the care on the way back to Kiawah. No surprise there, I guess. I tried so hard! Good thing Brian was the DD :)

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