Monday, October 14, 2013

Kiawah Island, SC

Coming back from vacation is always tough right? We're kind of lucky because we arrived back to DC on Saturday and had yesterday and today to relax a bit before we go back to the normal routine. We had an AMAZING time in South Carolina. We absolutely love Charleston (a lot of that love is because of the food!) and Kiawah Island is so relaxing. 

I have over 200 pictures from every day of last week, so I'm going to break our days down and do a bunch of recaps.

We arrived in Charleston on Sunday morning. When I travel, I like to arrive as early as possible and leave as late as possible. Get the most  bang for my buck, you know? It was too soon to head to Kiawah, so we planned to stop in Charleston for lunch. 


Such a beautiful city.


We walked around the market for awhile and checked out the local goods.



Then, time for lunch!

MagnoliasWe had gone to Magnolia's with Brian's family on our first trip to Charleston and knew that we needed to go back for lunch. Great, traditional Southern food. I didn't really need to think about what I wanted to order.

Photo 14

Fried chicken. The meal was huge, and I shared a good amount with Brian. Unfortunately, his meal came out on the cool side which was disappointing. I still think we'd go back to Magnolia's again though- this chicken is that good.

One of Brian's sisters was actually in town for the weekend visiting friends, so we met up with her for coffee and walked around a little bit before finally taking off.

We settled into the condo quickly and immediately took off for the beach.


It was late in the day, but the weather was perfect. One of the best things about Kiawah is that you are just constantly surrounded by wildlife. I took a nap and Brian took some photos.




After awhile, we went back to the condo, showered and stopped at the grocery store. They were actuality transitioning ownership and weren't really stocking very much, but it worked fine because we were planning to eat out a lot that week and wanted to keep our meals at home pretty simple.

On the menu for the first night: corn tortillas, lime shrimp and black beans with cilantro. Chips, salsa and a bottle of wine rounded things out.


More to come!

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