Monday, October 21, 2013

Recovery Week

Let's take a break from all of the Kiawah recaps to catch up a little! Our vacation was wonderful, but as you can tell by the past few posts, it was very food-centric and we did not hold back at all while we were there. We stayed active with a  few runs and lots of bike rides, but other than that it was lots of rich food and delicious wine.

How do you bounce back from that? Vegetables. Here was our menu last week:

Roasted veggies and a rice pilaf. Roasted butternut squash is my favorite thing to eat in the fall so there was a delicious helping of that along with some Brussels sprouts and carrots in a balsamic dressing.


Next up was a wheat berry risotto with butternut squash and kale. I used frozen kale for this dish, which is a great bargain. I always go fresh for the kale chips, but you can save money without noticing a difference by using frozen greens in casserole-type dishes. We topped this with a vegan Brazil nut parmezan. It was an easy mix of Brazil nuts, nutritional yeast, lemon and salt. Both of us really liked this- it totally gives the same texture and flavor as parmesan cheese. I predict I will be making it a lot- and it holds up really well in the fridge.


We didn't love the wheat berries though. I was okay with them, but if you're expecting a risotto, just go for the real deal. These are chewy!

I made a batch of pita earlier in the week, and we had some pita paninis with roasted sweet potatoes, peppers, spinach and pesto. These were so delicious. I saw a sandwich with sweet potato on Instagram earlier in the week and knew I had to have one. 


That night, I also made a butternut squash soup to have for dinner the next day because I had a Junior League meeting at night. Are you noticing a pattern with the squash? Brian did! We might be taking a week off of squash...


Kale chips on the side!

On Friday night, we had some fun visitors in town… but more on that in another post! Happy Monday!

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